sobota, 27 września 2014

Mini pizza „pizzette”

Lately we spent a few days in Verona. Short holidays resulted in a few extra kilos and inspiration to bake these warm, little, snacks.

piątek, 19 września 2014

Fig tart with goat cheese / Tarta figowa z kozim serem

The figs are in season now. I like them in all forms. These fruit are great both in savory and sweet dishes. Today a tart, that is not a dessert but it's also not a typical savory meal. The recipe is from "Kuchnia" magazine, but I changed it quite a lot and I prefer it this way. I serve this tart as a starter, lunch or main dish. Friends that were staying in our place were having it for breakfast. Thus as you see you can eat it in many ways. 

piątek, 12 września 2014

Eton Mess

Eton mess is a variation of Pavlova, a dessert created in New Zealand to honor a Russian prima ballerina. She was greatly admired there. There are many versions of Pavlova. In New Zealand I bought a book called "Pavlova" by Genevieve Knights, with many recipes for this desert. The recipe for the Eton Mess though, comes from a "Gourmet Traveler" magazine bought on Sydney's airport. The author of this recipe is April Bloomfieled, chef from the restaurant "The Breslin" in New York. The recipe is for 6 people.

niedziela, 7 września 2014

Lamb sirloin shashlik / Szaszłyki z polędwiczek jagnięcych

The weather is still good. It's so nice to sit in the garden, in the shade and wait for the shashliks while your appetite gets bigger because of the aromas from barbecue. I smeared the sirloins only with marinade, I didn't macerate them because this meat is very tender. 

wtorek, 2 września 2014

Cold green pea soup (starter) / Chłodnik z zielonego groszku

Cold green pea soup (starter)
500g green peas (frozen are also ok)
200ml cream fraiche
2 small natural yoghurts (1 packaging125g)
Salt, pepper, ½ tsp of lemon juice
1/2 tsp of baking soda

Boil the peas in salted water with baking soda- peas will keep the nice, vivid green color. When the peas are soft strain them trough a sieve and cool with cold water. Leave a spoon or two for decoration. Push the peas through the sieve. Blend with cream and yoghurt (cream and yoghurt will give them velvety texture).The consistency should be creamy, if it's too thick- add some milk. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve in small portions, decorated with peas, cucumber stripes and dill.