poniedziałek, 16 lutego 2015

Pickled lemons / Kiszone cytryny

Lemons prepared this way are popular in the Mediterranean cuisine, especially on the coast of North Africa. They go well with salads, grilled fish or meat, they can be also eaten as a snack, they same way as olives.

wtorek, 10 lutego 2015

Slow cooked pork sirloin / Wieprzowe polędwiczki wolno pieczone w niskiej temperatur

niedziela, 8 lutego 2015

Chocolate tart with salty icing / Tarta czekoladowa ze słoną polewą karmelową

This recipe is from Kuchnia culinary magazine. I really like it, I have all the issues! I use the recipes from it quite often. Sometimes I think that not all of them were tried before, this was the case this time. With the ingredients that they suggest the dough was to runny to even think about rolling it. They also didn't mention to weigh it down when baking. It grew so much that there was no room left for the stuffing. This ingredients are tried and changed by me (for a tart mold with 22cm diameter). Their recipe for caramel was great, no changes made!