środa, 29 października 2014

Lemon Cookies / Ciasteczka cytrynowe

This is a recipe for tiny, brittle cookies. It's from the 'Kuchnia' magazine. Why do I bake them, if it's so easy to get them in the store? Because for baking I use butter not - fat, real eggs - not powdered and real vanilla. They are at least a bit healthier. And I really enjoy baking them. 

czwartek, 23 października 2014

Quails roasted the Moroccan way / Przepiórki pieczone na sposób marokański

I am strongly influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. In this recipe I used quails but you can also use chicken or quinea hen. The original recipe suggested couscous as a side. I changed it for millet- it's gluten free. Andrzej really liked that dish.

środa, 15 października 2014

Ginger cookies / Ciasteczka imbirowe

This recipe is from "Kuchnia", my favorite magazine about cooking. I have been collecting it since they started publishing it. This recipe appeared in the magazine around 15 years ago. I always make these cookies around the autumn time. They have beautiful, spicy aroma but they are quite different from the ginger breads. They taste great with a cup of coffee or tea. You can store them for quite a long time. I never managed to do that though, because these cookies are my kids favorite. 
This recipe is for around 70 cookies.

czwartek, 9 października 2014

Deer Pate / Pasztet z jelenia

Actually the title for this recipe should be the Wild Meat Pate. You can use any kind of wild meat in this recipe. If  you decide to make a hare pate remember to add more fatty ingredients. In contrary, when you will be making a boar pate, use less fatty ingredients.

środa, 1 października 2014

Pasta with porcini mushrooms / Makaron z prawdziwkami

We have a real abundance of mushrooms this autumn. It's because of warm weather and quite a lot of rain. We didn't go mushroom picking by ourselves. Andrzej decided to buy these mushrooms, when he saw them on a market in Koszalin. You can see how beautiful they were on the pictures! I cooked the sauce only with the hats. I decided to slice and dry the rest.